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What to do when you discover a patron illegally recording a movie

Advise cinema manager

Advise your cinema manager immediately and keep the individual under observation. If illegal recording is determined, a manager should call the local police immediately and request their assistance. Do not make any contact with the suspect until the police arrive.

Prevent recording if police do not arrive

If a police officer has not arrived within 20 minutes of the end of the movie, or you are not confident of a response from the police, cinema management and/or cinema security should prevent or interfere with the illegal recording by standing in front of the recording device. Cinema employees should never put themselves or their customers at risk and should never use physical force or detain the individual.

Politely ask person to leave the auditorium

Cinema management or security should politely but firmly inform the suspect that what they are doing is illegal, ask the person to accompany them and leave the auditorium.

Elicit name and address of person

If practical, invite the individual to provide their name and address details and ask to see identification(remember to copy it down). If available, ensure this exchange is captured on CCTV and the tape is retained for evidence. Try and record a good physical description and when possible, note the vehicle details and registration number.

Ask person to surrender recording equipment

Invite the individual to surrender the illegal recording equipment and the recording. Please remember that the individual is under no obligation to surrender this.

Report all camcording incidents to your local content protection organisation

Report all illegal recording incidents to your local movie content protection organisation within 24 hours of the interdiction in order for them to take the appropriate steps to assist police and pursue the suspect.